Tips and Tricks

Known Issues

Using Inter-IC Sound Controller (I2SC)

Using Image Sensor Controller (ISC)

Using Image Sensor Interface (ISI)

Shutdown Wakeup

Using Ultra Low Power mode 1 (ULP1) on SAMA5D2

Using the SAMA5D2 (and compatible) ADC device

Audio recording with PDMIC


Using Atmel KMS/DRM LCD driver

Audio recording on AT91SAM9G20EK

Video decoding with Gstreamer on AT91SAM9M10

IIO ADC driver

Real Time on A91SAM SoC

SAM9x5 Video4Linux2 overlay support for mplayer

SD card boot for AT91SAM SoC

Enable and Configure PMECC (Programmable Multibit ECC) in AT91SAM SoC

maXTouch capacitive touchscreen: drivers, tools and hardware interface

Boot Logo/Splash Screen with U-Boot

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