Shutdown / Wake Up FAQ

Use the Wake Up function on AT91SAM9x5 EK board

There are two options to wake-up the board:

- using the WAKE UP button located on the right side of NRST button

- using a RTC generated wake-up.

For both alternatives the JP5 jumper on AT91SAM9x5 EK board must be open (the Force Power ON must be disabled).

To enable the RTC generated wake-up the following settings must be used in the board's Device Tree:

                        shdwc@fffffe10 {
                                compatible = "atmel,at91sam9x5-shdwc";
                                reg = <0xfffffe10 0x10>;
                                clocks = <&clk32k>;
                                atmel,wakeup-mode = "any";

Boards AT91sam9x5-ek
Components Kernel, linux-4.4-at91, linux-4.9-at91, linux-4.14-at91, linux-4.19-at91
Summary Use the Wakeup Feature of the Shutdown Controller.
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