Flashing a demo for AT91SAM9N12 family

(for SAM9N12, SAM9CN11 and SAM9CN12)


Before flashing the demo, make sure that you have installed the SAM-BA tool on your host computer.

  • Connect a USB cable on the board
  • Connect a serial link on DBGU connector and open the terminal emulator program
  • JP4 must open so that (BMS == 1) to boot from on-chip Boot ROM
  • Press down PB1 and then power up the board; Then release PB1
  • Launch the proper .bat file : this script will run SAM-BA with proper parameters ; on a Linux host, run the .tcl script form the SAM-BA GUI
  • When the logfile.log appears (this will take a few minutes), check that Done. is written a the end of the file
  • Remove the USB cable
  • Power cycle the board
  • Look the system booting on the LCD screen or through the serial line

Playing with the demo

Now you should have the Linux demo up'n running on your board !
You can also access the Linux console through the serial line plugged on DBGU port.
Use the root login account without password.

sam9n12_slide_show.png sam9n12_console.PNG

Going forward

If you want to rebuild this demo from sources, go through each component topic and you will have a comprehensive explanation of it role and how to build it.

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