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OpenEmbedded is a powerful building environment. Angstrom uses this environment to bring up a whole embedded Linux distribution. The support for our AT91 products has been added permitting to offer a root file system with a wide range of applications.

Binary images for both graphical and non graphical uses are provided to allow a quick overview. Once you have a basic root file system up an running, the package system allow you to fit application set to your need through an application feed.

This page will guide you through the comprehensive OpenEmbedded & Angstrom documentation without duplicating information. All you will need to use and build such material is available in those project websites. The golden links are listed below.

OpenEmbedded & Angstrom golden links

Those websites will be referenced all along this page and are valuables resources for entering this environment.


OpenEmbedded / Angstrom hands on

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1 , 2 : Warning, important for at91sam9g45 family: use proper location for RAM: 0x70000000 instead of 0x20000000

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