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For a pleasant out-of-the-box experience using the AT91SAM9x5 family (SAM9G15, SAM9G25, SAM9G35, SAM9X25, SAM9X35) a QT based demo has been developed.
Here is a brief description of its components and links to its build system: PTXdist.

QT based video player

  • Demonstrator for LCD features
    • 3 overlays
    • 2D cropping / scaling / rotation
    • Color space conversion
    • alpha blending between overlays
  • QT library on Linux framebuffer
    • multiple layers
  • Video4Linux2 media driver for video playback


Components used

component name location where to find it
Linux 2.6.39 Linux kernel with additional patches for SAM9x5
PTXdist 2011.06.0 - Pengutronix ptxdist-2011.06.0.tar.bz2
OSELAS.Toolchain-2011.03.0 OSELAS®.Toolchain( )
QT 4.7.3 downloaded on QT website using PTXdist
GStreamer 0.10.34 downloaded on GStreamer website using PTXdist
Atmel OSELAS BSP for PTXdist
including QT video player


r2 - 04 Dec 2013 - 14:28:29 - NicolasFerre
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