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For a pleasant out-of-the-box experience using the AT91SAM9x5 family (SAM9G15, SAM9G25, SAM9G35, SAM9X25, SAM9X35) a QT based demo has been developed.
Here is a brief description of its components and links to its build system: PTXdist.

QT based video player

  • Demonstrator for LCD features
    • 3 overlays
    • 2D cropping / scaling / rotation
    • Color space conversion
    • alpha blending between overlays
  • QT library on Linux framebuffer
    • multiple layers
  • Video4Linux2 media driver for video playback


Components used

component nameSorted ascending location where to find it
Atmel OSELAS BSP for PTXdist
including QT video player
GStreamer 0.10.34 downloaded on GStreamer website using PTXdist
Linux 2.6.39 Linux kernel with additional patches for SAM9x5
OSELAS.Toolchain-2011.03.0 OSELAS®.Toolchain( )
PTXdist 2011.06.0 - Pengutronix ptxdist-2011.06.0.tar.bz2
QT 4.7.3 downloaded on QT website using PTXdist


r2 - 04 Dec 2013 - 14:28:29 - NicolasFerre
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