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That includes support for:

  • AT91SAM9260
  • AT91SAM9261
  • AT91SAM9263
  • AT91SAM9XE
  • AT91SAM9RL
  • AT91SAM9G10
  • Old revisions of AT91SAM9G45 family

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1 : TWI: Two Wires Interface is an I2C compatible bus

2 : (SAM-BA v2.xx) n % prompt located at the bottom of the SAM-BA window.

3 : *AT91SAM9X5-EK*: common board for every SAM9x5 chip in the family.

4 : *AT91SAM9N12-EK*: common board for every SAM9N1x, SAN9CN1x chip in the family.

5 : !AT91SAM9263 MRLA or MRLB could be soldered on this board revision. To identity which chip revision you have, check AT91SAM9263-EK user guide at http://atmel.com/dyn/products/tools_card.asp?tool_id=4057

6 : If you experience issues with NAND flash accesses,
please refer to the AT91SAM9263-EK Evaluation Board Rev. B User Guide chapter 1.5 NAND Flash Access Issue

7 : Only available on products with embedded Flash

8 , 10 , 16 , 17 , 19 , 20 , 21 , 22 : On board DataFlash chip

9 : Please check at91sam9260 errata #

11 , 12 : Supported on SAM9261 rev B onwards

13 : Removable DataFlash card

14 , 15 : Supported on SAM9263 rev B onwards

18 : Supported on SAM9G20 recent rev A, rev B and newer

23 , 24 : Warning, important for at91sam9g45 family: use proper location for RAM: 0x70000000 instead of 0x20000000

25 : at91_mci enhancement with those upstream patches :
- folow flowcharts
- disable handling of blocks with size not multiple of 4 bytes
- bug-in-at91-mci-suspend-routines.patch
- whitespace
- typo
- add multiwrite cap

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