This demo application demonstrates to user on how to use transparent service of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). This is a custom/user defined profile of BLE. Application sends the data over BLE to mobile and vice-versa.

Demo setup block diagram:-

  1. Before running this demo, the DUT should be in the STA mode. Kindly follow the steps in WebBasedWiFiProvisioning section to ensure the DUT is provisioned with the Wi-Fi credentials of the home AP.
  2. Once the board is booted in STA mode, log into the console
  3. Enter below command to start the BLE Transparent Service profile functionality:
    ./ 2
  4. User will observe following console output:
    transparent service application started
    start of the main
    Started listening on ATT channel. Waiting for connections
  5. In smartphone mobile, download the “Microchip Bluetooth Data” application from play store (Tested with Android OS).
  6. Turn-On Smartphone Bluetooth.
  7. Goto “Microchip Bluetooth Data” application.
  8. Start the “BM70” -> “Start Scan”.
  9. User will observe the device “Bluez 5.54” in scan list.Select the device for connection.
  10. Enable Write with response to “ON”.
  11. Write a text on text box and click on “send” button to send a data to WILC device.
  12. User can observe received data on UART console.
  13. User can transfer file from mobile phone to WILC device using below method.
    1. In mobile “mchp” folder, place the file user want to transfer.
    2. Select “choose file” option from APP.
    3. Select the file user want to transfer.
    4. The file data will be transferred to WILC and UART console will display the file contents.
  14. Similarly, there is an option for sending predefined data from mobile phone to WILC device.
    1. User can enable “timer” menu.
    2. This feature will keep sending the predefined data to WILC for the defined time duration.

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