AT91SAM9260-EK SAM-BA Recovery

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AT91SAM9260-EK SAM-BA Recovery application note.

You also have a brief AT91SAM9260-EK Bootstrap Recovery Procedure chapter in the AT91Bootstrap application note.

In brief

On AT91SAM9260-EK platform, there is no way to disconnect the on board DataFlash. If valid code is present in the first DataFlash page the chip will execute it before connecting to SAM-BA. AT91Bootstrap features a recovery method :
An erase of the first dataflash page is performed if button BP4 on the board is pressed after reset.

To erase the first dataflash page :

  • Push the button BP4
  • Push the reset button while BP4 is pressed
  • The following message is displayed on the serial console :
INFO : Low Level Init : OK
Starting main ...
Testing BP4
BP4 is pressed. Erasing First Page of SPI data Flash CS1
Please reboot....
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