EDITTABLE{ attributes } -- edit TWiki tables using edit fields and other input fields

  • The %EDITTABLE{}% variable is handled by the EditTablePlugin
  • Syntax: %EDITTABLE{ attributes }%

  • Supported attributes:
Attribute Comment Default
header Specify the header format of a new table like "|*Food*|*Drink*|". Useful to start a table with only a button (no header)
format The format of one column when editing the table. A cell can be a text input field, or any of these edit field types:
• Text input field (1 line):
  | text, <size>, <initial value> |
• Textarea input field:
  | textarea, <rows>x<columns>, <initial value> |
• Drop down box:
  | select, <size>, <option 1>, <option 2>, etc* |
  * only one item can be selected
• Radio buttons:
  | radio, <size*>, <option 1>, <option 2>, etc |
  * size indicates the number of buttons per line in edit mode
• Checkboxes:
  | checkbox, <size*>, <option 1>, <option 2>, etc |
  * size indicates the number of checkboxes per line in edit mode
• Fixed label:
  | label, 0, <label text> |
• Row number:
  | row, <offset> |
• Date:
  | date, <size>, <initial value>, <DHTML date format*> |
  * see Date Field Type
"text, 16"
for all cells
changerows Rows can be added and removed if "on"
Rows can be added but not removed if "add"
Rows cannot be added or removed if "off"
plugin setting
quietsave Quiet Save button is shown if "on", hidden if "off" QUIETSAVE
plugin setting
include Other topic defining the EDITTABLE parameters. The first %EDITTABLE% in the topic is used. This is useful if you have many topics with the same table format and you want to update the format in one place. (none)
helptopic Topic name containing help text shown below the table when editing a table. The %STARTINCLUDE% and %STOPINCLUDE% variables can be used in the topic to specify what is shown. (no help text)
headerislabel Table header cells are read-only (labels) if "on"; header cells can be edited if "off" or "0" "on"
editbutton Set edit button text, e.g. "Edit this table"; set button image with alt text, e.g. "Edit table, %PUBURL%/%SYSTEMWEB%/TWikiDocGraphics/edittopic.gif"; hide edit button at the end of the table with "hide" (Note: Button is automatically hidden if an edit button is present in a cell) EDITBUTTON
plugin setting
buttonrow Set to top to put the edit buttons above the table. bottom
javascriptinterface Use javascript to directly move and delete row without page refresh. Enable with "on", disable with "off". JAVASCRIPTINTERFACE
plugin setting
redirectto Set up a return page after saving changes. e.g By setting redirectto="%BASEPAGE%", you can return to base page if your editable table is included by another page. (none)

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