WEBLIST{"format"} -- index of all webs

  • List of all webs. Obfusticated webs are excluded, e.g. webs with a NOSEARCHALL = on preference variable. The "format" defines the format of one web item. The $name variable gets expanded to the name of the web, $qname gets expanded to double quoted name, $marker to marker where web matches selection.
  • Syntax: %WEBLIST{"format" ...}%
  • Supported parameters:
Parameter: Description: Default:
"format" Format of one line, may include following items. In addtion, the standard special tokens are handled accordingly.
Item Description
$name the name of the web
$qname the name of the web in double quotes
$indentedname the name of the web with parent web names replaced by indents, for use in indented lists
$listindent expands to multiple-of-3 spaces for bullet (*) and numberd (1., a., etc.) lists. It's relative to the depth of the web specified by the subwebs parameter. See an example below.
$marker expands to marker for the item matching selection only
$web expands to the value specified by the web parameter
If you need to have a letter immediately after an item listed above, use $nop(), one of FormatTokens. e.g. $name$nop()a
format="format" (Alternative to above) "$name"
separator=", " Line separator "$n" (new line)
web="" if you specify $web in format, it will be replaced with this ""
webs="public" Comma separated list of webs. There are special webs:
Item Description
public expands to all non-hidden webs.
cancopyto similar to public, but webs to which a topic of the current web cannot be copied to are excluded. Specifically, excluded are read-only webs and mirror webs.
canmoveto similar to cancopyto, but webs to which a topic of the current web cannot be moved to are excluded. Specifically, excluded are webs residing on different disks from the current web.
webtemplate expands to all template webs, whose name start with underscore (_)
NOTE 1: Administrators will see all webs, not just the public ones.
NOTE 2: If MetadataRepository is used and webs are required to be registered, then cancopyto, canmoveto, and webtemplate behave differently.
  • cancopyto and canmoveto results include all top level webs and subwebs of the current webs are listed regardless of accessibility - subwebs of non-current webs are excluded. They also include the user's subweb.
  • webtemplate result has top level template webs only.
marker="selected" Text for $marker if the item matches selection "selected"
selection="%WEB%" Current value to be selected in list selection="%WEB%"
subwebs="Sandbox" Show webs that are a sub-web of this one (recursivly) ""
depth="1" Specify the maximum depth of recursive search. E.g. %WEBLIST{depth="1"}% shows only top level webs. %WEBLIST{subwebs="Foo" depth="1"}% shows the direct subwebs of Foo. (no maximum depth)
limit="30" Limit number of webs to show "" (all)
overlimit="..." Message shown if over limit, such as: overlimit="   * [[%SYSTEMWEB%.SiteMap][More...]]" ""
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