SCRIPTURL{"script"} -- URL of TWiki script

  • Expands to the URL of the specified script. Optionally, you can specify a web and/or a topic. In that case, the URL of the script for the specified web and topic is returned.
  • If ReadOnlyAndMirrorWebs is in effect and a web is specified, whether the web is a slave or not is taken into account. For a slave web, with scripts edit, save, attach, upload, and rename, the URL on the master site is returned.
    For the other scripts, if the master="on" parameter is specified, the URL on the master site is returned.
  • Syntax: %SCRIPTURL{"script" ...}%
  • Supported parameters:
Parameter: Description: Default:
"script" The name of the script  
web="WEB" Specifies a web When a topic name is specified and a web is not, the current web is assumed
topic="TOPIC" or topic="WEB.TOPIC" Specifies a topic or both a web and a topic  
master="on" A URL on the master site is needed or not off
  • If web="WEB" is specified but topic is not specified, the resulting URL ends with WEB.
  • Example: To get the authenticated version of the current topic you can write %SCRIPTURL{"viewauth"}%/%WEB%/%TOPIC% which expands to It can be written %SCRIPTURL{"viewauth" topic="%TOPIC%"}% as well.
  • Example: Let's assume this site has a web named 'Flowers' whose master site is http://florawiki/cgi-bin. Then %SCRIPTURL{"edit" web="Flowers"}% expands to http://florawiki/cgi-bin/edit/Flowers. This is because the 'Flower' web on this site is a slave and editing needs to happen on the master site.
  • Example: Asuming above, %SCRIPTURL{"view" web="Flowers" master="on"}% expands to http://florawiki/cgi-bin/view/Flowers. The view script works on a slave site, but master="on" parameter forces to yield the master site URL.
  • Example: How to link to another topic with a URL parameter: [[%SCRIPTURL{view}%/%WEB%/MyQuery?food=sushi][Sushi]]
  • Note: In most cases you should use %SCRIPTURLPATH{"script"}% instead, as it works with URL rewriting much better
  • Category: DevelopmentVariables, SystemInformationVariables
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