GROUPS -- a formatted list of groups

  • Expands to a formatted list of user groups in your TWiki. The variable is intended to be used in TWikiGroups, to allow a group listing for various user mapping managers.
  • Syntax: %GROUPS{"format" ...}%
  • Supported parameters:
Parameter: Description: Default:
header="" Table header. Standard format tokens are expanded. To omit the header, specify an empty value or "none". "| *Group* | *Members* |"
format="" Format of one row, may include tokens:
$group - topic name of group
$grouplink - link to group
$members - list of members, up to limit
standard format tokens
"| $grouplink | $members |"
separator="" Line separator. Standard format tokens are expanded. "$n" (newline)
memberlimit="" Truncate member list. Specify "all" for full list. "32"
memberformat="" Format of one member, may include tokens:
$wikiusername - Web.TopicName of user
$wikiname - TopicName of user
memberseparator="" Separator for members. Standard format tokens are expanded. ", "
sort="on" By default, the members of a group are listed in the same order as in the definition in the group topic. With this parameter, members are listed in the alphabetical order of their wiki names. "off"
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