FORMFIELD{"fieldname"} -- renders a field in the form attached to some topic

  • Syntax: %FORMFIELD{"fieldname"}%
  • Supported parameters:
Parameter: Description: Default:
"fieldname" The name of a TWiki form field required
topic="..." Topic where form data is located. May be of the form Web.TopicName Current topic
rev="..." Get the form field value from the specified topic revision, range "1" to top revision of topic. "0" is equivalent to the top revision The rev URL parameter value if present, otherwise the top revision
format="..." Format string. Supported variables:
$value - form field value
$value(20, -<br />) - value hyphenated every 20 characters using separator -<br />
$value(30, ...) - value shortened to 30 characters
$length - length of value (can be used to test if value is set)
$title - raw field name (includes space and other special characters)
$name - field name (sanitized title)
$attributes - form field attributes
$formtopic - name of form definition topic
default="..." Text shown when no value is defined for the field ""
alttext="..." Text shown when field is not found in the form ""
newline="$br" Convert newlines in textarea to other delimiters. Variable $br expands to <br /> tag, and $n to a newline. Other text is encoded based on encode parameter. no conversion
encode="html" Encode special characters into HTML entities. If a FORMFIELD is passed into an HTML form field it should be encoded as "html". Additional encodings available: encode="quote", encode="moderate", encode="safe", encode="entity" and encode="url". See ENCODE for details. "" (no encoding)