Package TWiki::UI

Coordinator of execution flow and service functions used by the UI packages

StaticMethod handleRequest ($req) -> $res

Main coordinator of request-process-response cycle.

StaticMethod execute ($req,$sub,%initialContext) -> $res

Creates a TWiki session object with %initalContext and calls $sub method. Returns the TWiki::Response object generated

StaticMethod logon ($session)

Handler to "logon" action.

  • $session is a TWiki session object

StaticMethod checkWebExists ($session,$web,$topic,$op)

Check if the web exists. If it doesn't, will throw an oops exception. $op is the user operation being performed.

StaticMethod topicExists ($session,$web,$topic,$op)=>boolean

Check if the given topic exists, throwing an OopsException if it doesn't. $op is the user operation being performed.

StaticMethod checkWebWritable ($session)

Checks if this web is writable on this site, Throwing an exception if it is not.

StaticMethod checkAccess ($web,$topic,$mode,$user)

Check if the given mode of access by the given user to the given web.topic is permissible, throwing a TWiki::OopsException if not.

StaticMethod readTemplateTopic ($session,$theTopicName) -> ($meta,$text)

Search for a template topic in current web, Main web, and TWiki web, in that order.

StaticMethod run ($method)

Supported for bin scripts that were written for TWiki < 5.0. The parameter is a function reference to the UI method to call, and is ignored in TWiki >= 5.0, where it should be replaced by a Config.spec entry such as:

# *PERL H* # Bin script registration - do not modify $TWiki::cfg{SwitchBoard}{publish} = [ "TWiki::Contrib::Publish", "publish", { publishing => 1 } ];

StaticMethod verifyCryptToken ($session,$crypt_token)

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