Package TWiki::Response

Class to encapsulate response data.

Fields: * status - response status * headers - hashref to response headers * body - response body * cookies - hashref to response cookies

ClassMethod new () -> $response

Constructs a TWiki::Response object.

ObjectMethod status ($status) -> $status

Gets/Sets response status.

  • $status is a three digit code, optionally followed by a status string

ObjectMethod charset ([$charset]) -> $charset

Gets/Sets response charset. If not defined, defaults to ISO-8859-1, just like

ObjectMethod header (-type=>$type,

-status => $status, -cookie => $cookie || \@cookies, -attachment => $attachName, -charset => $charset, -expires => $expires, -HeaderN => ValueN )

Sets response header. Resonably compatible with CGI. Doesn't support -nph, -target and -p3p.

ObjectMethod _header (-type=>$type,

-status => $status, -cookie => $cookie || \@cookies, -attachment => $attachName, -charset => $charset, -expires => $expires, -HeaderN => ValueN )

Private method to set response header like above that doesn't include fix for Item6602. Resonably compatible with CGI. Doesn't support -nph, -target and -p3p.

ObjectMethod headers ({...}) -> $headersHashRef

Gets/Sets all response headers. Keys are headers name and values are scalars for single-valued headers or arrayref for multivalued ones.

ObjectMethod getHeader ([$name]) -> $value

If called without parameters returns all present header names, otherwise returns a list (maybe with a single element) of values associated with $name.

ObjectMethod deleteHeader ($h1,$h2,...)

Deletes headers whose names are passed.

ObjectMethod pushHeader ($name,$value)

Adds $value to list of values associated with header $name.

ObjectMethod cookies ([\@cookies]) -> @cookies

Gets/Sets response cookies. Parameter, if passed, must be an arrayref.

Elements may be CGI::Cookie objects or raw cookie strings.

ObjectMethod body ([$body]) -> $body

Gets/Sets response body.

ObjectMethod redirect ($uri,$status,$cookies|

-Location => $uri, -Status => $status, -Cookies => $cookies )

Populate object with redirect response headers.

$uri must be passed. Others are optional.

CGI Compatibility Note: It doesn't support -target or -nph

ObjectMethod setDefaultHeaders ({$name=>$value,...})

Sets the header, this does not modify the existing key=>value from $this->{headers}. Sets only new values.

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