Package TWiki::Net

Object that brokers access to network resources.

ObjectMethod finish ()

Break circular references.

ObjectMethod registerExternalHTTPHandler (\&fn)

See TWikiFuncDotPm#RegisterExternalHTTPHandler

ObjectMethod getExternalResource ($url,\@headers,\%params) -> $response

See TWikiFuncDotPm#GetExternalResource

ObjectMethod postExternalResource ($url,$content,\@headers,\%params) -> $response

See TWikiFuncDotPm#PostExternalResource

ObjectMethod setMailHandler (\&fn)

  • \&fn - reference to a function($) (see _sendEmailBySendmail for proto)
Install a handler function to take over mail sending from the default SMTP or sendmail methods. This is provided mainly for tests that need to be told when a mail is sent, without actually sending it. It may also be useful in the event that someone needs to plug in an alternative mail handling method.

ObjectMethod sendEmail ($text,$retries) -> $error

  • $text - text of the mail, including MIME headers
  • $retries - number of times to retry the send (default 1)

Send an email specified as MIME format content. Date: ...\nFrom: ...\nTo: ...\nCC: ...\nSubject: ...\n\nMailBody...