Package TWiki::Form::FieldDefinition

Base class of all field definition classes.

Type-specific classes are derived from this class to define specific per-type behaviours. This class also provides default behaviours for when a specific type cannot be loaded.

ClassMethod new (%...)

Construct a new FieldDefinition. Parameters are passed in a hash. See for how it is called. Subclasses should pass @_ on to this class.

ObjectMethod finish ()

Break circular references.

isEditable() -> $boolean

Is the field type editable? Labels aren't, for example. Subclasses may need to redefine this.

isMultiValued() -> $boolean

Is the field type multi-valued (i.e. does it store multiple values)? Subclasses may need to redefine this.

isTextMergeable() -> $boolean

Is this field type mergeable using a conventional text merge?

isMandatory() -> $boolean

Is this field mandatory (required)?

renderForEdit( $web, $topic, $value ) -> ($col0html, $col1html)

$web - the web containing the topic being edited $topic - the topic being edited Render the field for editing. Returns two chunks of HTML; the $col0html is appended to the HTML for the first column in the form table, and the $col1html is used as the content of the second column.

cssClasses(@classes) -> $classes

Construct a list of the CSS classes for the form field. Adds additional class specifiers related to the attributes of the field e.g mandatory. Pass it a list of the other classnames you want on the field.

getDefaultValue() -> $value

Try and get a sensible default value for the field from the values stored in the form definition. The result should be a value string.

Some subclasses may not support the definition of defaults in the form definition. In that case this method should return undef.

renderHidden($meta) -> $html

Render the form in $meta as a set of hidden fields.

populateMetaDataFromQuery( $query, $meta, $old ) -> ($bValid, $bPresent)

Given a CGI $query, a $meta object, and an array of $old field entries, then populate the $meta with a row for this field definition, taking the content from the query if it's there, otherwise from $old or failing that, from the default defined for the type. Refuses to update mandatory fields that have an empty value.

Return $bValid true if the value in $meta was updated (either from the query or from a default in the form. Return $bPresent true if a value was present in the query (even it was undef)

ObjectMethod renderForDisplay ($format,$attrs) -> $html

Render the field for display, under the control of $attrs.

The following vars in $format are expanded: $title - title of the form field $value - expanded to the protected value of the form field

The value is protected by TWiki::Render::protectFormFieldValue.

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