Hierarchical Navigation

Navigation block that displays the current topic, its parent and children (if any).
This is intended to be included in other topics, for example in a side navigation bar (WebLeftBar).

NOTE: The lookup for parent and children will increase the loading time of your pages.


Two sections are defined:
  • all
  • children

Displaying the Parent - Current - Children block

%INCLUDE{"%SYSTEMWEB%.HierarchicalNavigation" section="all"}%

When included in WebLeftBar (using default Pattern skin) this is styled to:

Displaying child topics

*Child topics:*
%INCLUDE{"%SYSTEMWEB%.HierarchicalNavigation" section="children"}%

Child topics:

When included in WebLeftBar (using default Pattern skin) this is styled to:

%STARTSECTION{name="all"}%<div class="twikiHierarchicalNavigation">
format="<li class='twikiParentTopic'><img src='%ICONURL{parent_gray}%' width='16' height='16' alt='' border='0' /> [[$web.$parent][$parent]]</li>"
<li class='twikiCurrentTopic' style='font-weight:bold;'><nop>%BASETOPIC%</li>%INCLUDE{"%TOPIC%" section="childlist"}%

%STARTSECTION{name="children"}%<div class="twikiHierarchicalNavigation">
<ul>%INCLUDE{"%TOPIC%" section="childlist"}%</ul>

format="<li class='childTopic'><img src='%ICONURL{line_ur_gray}%' width='16' height='16' alt='' border='0' /> [[$web.$topic][$topic]]</li>"
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